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  • How to create a community in Dr. NEE?

    Start your own community with Dr.NEE!

    Dr.NEE Communities – a group chat where up to a whopping 100 thousand members are able to exchange messages and engage with one another.

    With this feature, anyone on Dr.NEE can create their very own Community!

    Creating an online Community will enable you to interact with an unlimited number of members, enjoy more admin controls than ever before and play around with new conversation features.

    So, whatever your interest is, you can now open a Community to an unlimited amount of members! So, how do you actually do it? Here are the steps to open a community/ group with Dr.NEE

    Step 1: Choose #Create Group after click the icon next to 


    Step 2: Select users who you want to add in your chat group and click the “Next” on your screen ‘s upper-right corner


    Step 3: Name your group you have just made and explore then all group chat’s features such as video call, voice call, add new members, sending files, searching messages and document in group,…


    Now that you’ve got the lowdown on how to get started with your very own Community, start inviting new members to join.




  • How to do Dr.NEE ‘s basic features


    Select “Friend” next to “Chat” icon. Then one screen will be shown with friends list and some suggestions for adding friends from your location nearby or find people you know. In addition, you can see who is sending friend request to you also.




    Choose the user you need to contact in your friend list, then click on your friend name (username) and select video call or voice call as you want.

    Do the same steps as chat group.



    Choose "More" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and choose your username. Your full account information will be displayed. Updating the information on your profile and click “Save Changes”.

    In addition, you need to enter your ID / Passport number and then upload its front, back photo on your profiles also.


    To upgrade the privacy of users, Dr.NEE also allows users to select the online, offline and Awaiting status by yourself.

  • How to signup for a new account with Dr.NEE?

    Step 1: Searching Dr.NEE app on

    • Google store:
    • App store:

    Step 2: Download app

    User interface screenshot on Dr.NEE app

    Step 3: Make the account on Dr. NEE

    Click on “Create an account” at the bottom of the screen

    Enter you username, phone number, email and password in requested blank, then click “Register”

    Login your username and password directly if you registered a IDShare account before.

    Step 4: Choose the option to verify your account

    The system will send 2 options to verify your account by email or phone number. You need to select one of the alternative open and click on “Get OTP code” then.

    Step 5: Check your mail box/ phone to get OTP code

    System will send you OTP code via email or phone number you provided in step 4.

    Step 6: Submit the OTP code and finish the process

    Put the code on blank square and click on “Verify” after that. The system will show a notification of successful verification once you complete all steps as requested.

    Step 7: Login the account you have just registered and enjoy the chat app.




  • What is Dr. NEE?

    Dr.NEE PTE Inc., commonly know as Dr.NEE is as Singaporean Vietnamese multinational company registered in Singapore. Dr.NEE is seen as one of the world’s first identity verification social chatting application, funded by Omanee Corporation. This appplication and platform developed by NEETek India. Originally developed as DrNEE in October 2020, the company revamped its messaging service in 2020, and subsequently released standalone iOS and Android apps in the same year. Later on in late 2020, DrNEE officially released for Desktop verson, which is supported on Window 10 and MacOS and distributed on Microsoft Store and App Store respectively.

    Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, as well as react to other users' messages and interact with bots. The service also supports voice and video calling even in group. The apps support using only one accounts, conversations with optional and playing games and other services in the future.

    Simply it is because Dr NEE is not a chat application that only stops at the chitchat function. And in the near future, with later versions released, chat application is only a utility tool of the application. And particularly, Dr.NEE is the world's first identity verification social chatting application. Every person in the world is encrypted with just one and only real one account via digital technology and digital identity, and Dr.NEE does not allow you to have two accounts and where you can not correct any of your personal information. That means Dr.NEE is providing a “Real Chitchat, Real Person, Real Story, True Feeling, True Feelings, and Real Experience” experience, seen through future services such as entertainment, shopping, gifts, and reviews.

    It now and soon operates in the Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and also other big region such as India and UAE.

  • Why the world social network needs user identification

    In today ‘s the era of information technology and internet development, social network is used as a tool to connect everyone together. Both businesses and individual users, are using social media to connect with the world. For businesses, social network is used to engage more audiences and attract more customers. And individual users use it to stay connected with friends, family and share their own experiences as well. However, in an age where cybercrime and phishing are increasing, the safety of social media users is increasingly threatened. Frauds and scams have become a negative part of social media and must be handled carefully. Social media holds large amounts of users’ personal information, so it is a potential goldmine for scammers to commit crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud. Therefore, identity verification and user identity are increasingly becoming an essential need for applications, social media websites.

    How does social media impact to users?

    In social networking, Facebook - a great platform for creating "word of mouth" and viral marketing views for posts. But the weakness of user verification has made a chance for scammers to create fake accounts.

    Anyone can create a Facebook account to generate likes and make friends with many other users to do fraud. In fact, the growing impact of social media has become a tool in influencing the psychology of young people. Therefore, it needs to cover certain responsibilities and require a better mechanism to protect users in social media.

    The influence of social media on its users is quickly becoming a cause for concern. Marketing companies understand the power of words and how much impact they have on readers to buy products or services. On the other hand, social media is increasingly being used to influence people's political and social attitudes. Another weakness that needs to be addressed when not identifying appropriate users on social media is an increase in frauds and scams. Scammers tend to create fraud accounts and lure other users into sophisticated tricks.

    While social media platforms are not responsible for all of these activities, it is extremely important to identify the user to ensure an account is real human.

    Why does the social media world need to identify users?

    Businesses are currently facing with good or bad reviews on social media that impact their reputation. The quick response from customers has created an extremely useful pressure for companies to check and re-evaluate their services and products. However, just as every good review from a verified customer can build a good reputation for a business, a negative review from a fake profile can ruin that reputation only in a few seconds.

    It is essential for social networking to identify users with purpose of develop and become a useful platform for individuals, businesses and communities around the world. The verification helps to limit the number of accounts that a user can create. Therefore, it can also increase the responsibility of users and their posts on social media. Users could be held responsible for what they post or say on today's social networking platforms.

    When the number of accounts is made from one user is limited, scammers cannot use social networks to perform tricks to deceive and abuse users because they can be tracked and responsible for the micro scam that.

    In addition, user verification can also limit the spread of fake news and prevent the spread of seriously false knowledge. As the number of fake accounts and profiles decreases, the fake accounts will also be unable to use the platform to influence anonymous users.

    Most of today's social networking applications and platforms do not identify users thoroughly, or if any, they will also be superficial and inaccurate. Aiming to build a civilized social networking world, anti-fraud, fraud, a healthy world for global users, Omanee and NEETek has launched the first identity chat application on the world - DR.NEE helps users exchange information more safely and securely.

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